Questions About Us

Questions about our water

What is AQUAhydrate®?

AQUAhydrate is performance water brand that delivers a proprietary blend of alkalinity, electrolytes, and trace minerals to support overall health and wellbeing.

I tested AQUAhydrate and it was not pH9.

Our exclusive process uses a multi-stage purification and electrolysis, changing the “DNA” of our water as we raise the pH and enhance with electrolytes and minerals. Because of our process, AQUAhydrate can remain in its alkaline state for over 2 years. Unlike other alkaline waters on the market, AQUAhydrate never uses additives or liquid concentrates to raise the pH of our water.

Our water is tested with commercial grade meters highly calibrated to test not only the pH of the water but also the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Store bought pH testers are designed for specific applications and not meant for other liquids or water. Product integrity and performance is of utmost importance to AQUAhydrate. We continually monitor our pH levels not only throughout the manufacturing process but post-production on shelf to ensure we provide you with crisp, refreshing supercharged hydration. Watch this video to see AQUAhydrate tested alongside other common beverages:

Who owns our company?

AQUAhydrate is privately owned by a multinational group of investors including Ron Burkle, Mark Wahlberg, and Sean Combs.

What sets AQUAhydrate apart from other enhanced water brands?

Our process. AQUAhydrate has invented a patented system that takes our water through a propriety 3-step process that creates a supercharged alkaline water enhanced with electrolytes and trace minerals sourced directly from the mineral-rich lake regions of Utah.

What is the benefit of AQUAhydrate vs regular water?

You get high quality alkalized water with a significant amount of electrolytes.

What is alkalinity?

Alkalinity is a measurement of the ability to absorb acid. The more alkaline a liquid, the less acidic it will be.

What does AQUAhydrate do for my body?

From the acidic foods that we consume, to loss of electrolytes through daily activity, our bodies are constantly being challenged to remain balanced, perform, and stay hydrated. AQUAhydrate provides you with a highly alkalized water product enhanced with electrolyte minerals that is clinically proved to hydrate as well as the leading sports drink with out the sugar, calories, or artificial flavors.

What is the pH? What does this mean?

“pH” is the standard measure of how alkaline a liquid is. Standard water has a neutral pH of 7. We have raised the pH level of AQUAhydrate to a supercharged pH 9.

It is measured on a scale of 0-14, with 7 being neutral, 0 being the most acidic, and 14 being the most alkaline. For even unit decrease in pH, it increases the acidity ten fold so for example, if tomato juice has a pH of 4, it is ten times more acidic than black coffee which has a pH of 5.

How does AQUAhydrate measure pH?

We use a high-end pH meter, which is calibrated before each reading multiple times a day. To see AQUAhydrate tested versus other common beverages, check out this video:

What is the process to make AQUAhydrate alkaline?

The AQUAhydrate process adds a unique blend of electrolytes and a natural trace mineral concentrate. We then purify the water through an advanced UV purification process, and run the mineralized water through our proprietary process that changes the structure of the water raising the pH to 9+.

Is the pH/alkalinity level stable once it is bottled?

Yes, we have worked really hard to develop a product that will remain alkaline with a pH of 9 for 2 years. This is important because:

  • Most products in general are not shelf stable for anywhere close to 4 years and, Alkaline products on the market cannot hold their pH level for more than 4 weeks.

Through in-house testing we have confirmed the stability of a pH greater than 9.0 in AQUAhydrate over multiple years. In tests we have found the pH of AQUAhydrate will hold for up to 2 years from the time at which it was bottled. We achieve the alkaline pH the same way that many home alkaline water machines work, but with far longer alkaline stability.

Does AQUAhydrate add any chemicals to increase the pH or make the water more alkaline?

No, we do not add anything to make our product more alkaline. Some other products may use chemicals such as sodium or potassium bicarbonate, sodium or potassium hydroxide, or magnesium hydroxide, to help increased pH or alkalinity but we do not.

Does AQUAhydrate have minerals?

Yes, AQUAhydrate has a proprietary blend of electrolytes and a natural trace mineral licensed exclusively to AQUAhydrate. The electrolytes and other minerals are in an ionic form, the same form as present in body fluids and inside the cells of our body.

Where does your water come from?

Because of our proprietary process, AQUAhydrate has the ability to take any clean water source and transform it into our powerful synergy of alkalinity, electrolytes, and trace minerals to fuel balance, performance, and ultimate hydration.

What are sodium, chloride, and magnesium as they are listed in the Nutrition Facts panel?

Sodium, chloride, and magnesium are electrolytes that we add in significant amounts to contribute to the effectiveness and quality of our product.

What do electrolytes do?

Electrolytes are essential minerals that are involved in supporting balance within each cell. Sweating and excessive caffeine intakes can lead to significant losses in electrolytes. Drinking an adequate amount of water that has nutritionally significant amounts of electrolytes, like AQUAhydrate, can support hydration and rehydration.

Is it safe for me if I am older, younger, pregnant, etc.?

Yes, from our testing we believe it is safe but always consult your medical physician if you have any questions.

Why are our prices so high?

Our water is competitively priced with other premium water brands such as FIJI and Evian and in-line with other functional beverages such as Vitaminwater and Gatorade.

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